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This sounds like a perfect story to share at the DU StoryCorps event coming up in May! Here is the information I'd like to share with you from my leadership academy friends:

DU StoryCorps: Making Connections Through Story Telling

Theme: “Fish Out of Water”
Como Pez Fuera del Agua, سمكة خارج الماء
如鱼离水 Un poisson hors de l'eau

Date: Tuesday, May 10th, 2016
Time: 4:30-6:30pm
Location: Margery Reed Hall, Reiman Theater

Join the DU Leadership Academy in launching the inaugural storytelling event for students, faculty and staff!
Do you have a story to share!? Come experience the Power of Storytelling to build community by cultivating empathy, compassion and awareness.

Prepare a five-minute true story about the time you were a “Fish Out of Water.” ...a time when you felt totally out of your element, whether you felt like an outsider, you were a foreigner traveling in a new country, a rookie on the new job, or in some other unfamiliar and uncomfortable situation.

Submit your story pitch via Qualtrics no later than midnight on April 27th.

8 storytellers will be selected from story submissions to share their story on Tuesday, May 10th.

For more information, email carolyn.sommers@du.edu

Join us May 10th! To attend, RSVP is requested, though not required. Free and open to all.

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